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Month: October 2019

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What to Look Out for in Tax Relief Advice: Notice of Investigation

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) claims that you owe it money. And lots of it. Your natural reaction is to become nervous, outraged, or a combination of both. Then, once you get over the initial shock of being targeted by the IRS, you resolve to fight back with the help of a tax relief service

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Wage Garnishment Orders: Next Steps

You count on every cent you receive in your paychecks. Discovering that the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) has decided to garnish your wages can be both a financial and an emotional blow to you. The good news? The FTB may threaten to collect debt from you by seizing a portion of each of your

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Small Business Quarterly Taxes & Penalties for Missing Them

The past several months have been beyond busy, and as tax time approaches, you are struck with a startling revelation: You forgot to pay your quarterly taxes last year. What now? The truth is, unfortunately, there are penalties for missing your small business quarterly tax deadlines. However, understanding what these penalties are can help you

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5 Tips for Protecting Yourself from a New York State Audit

Being randomly selected for an audit is, to say the least, never something you want to be chosen for. You may end up receiving a notice of an audit because your tax return is missing a great deal of information. An audit may also happen if your return has questionable items or if the amounts


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