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Tax Negotiation Lawyer in Los Angeles, California

Tax Appeals in Los Angeles & Finding a Tax Appeals Lawyer Tax appeals are a process by which taxpayers can challenge the assessment of taxes made by tax authorities such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States. Taxpayers have the right to file an appeal if they believe that any tax assessment

Tax Litigation Lawyer in San Diego, California

Tax Litigation in San Diego & Finding a Tax Litigation Lawyer Tax litigation is the process of resolving tax disputes through the courts. People in San Diego may pursue tax litigation for various reasons, including disagreements with the government over tax liability, issues with the collection of taxes, or problems with the enforcement of tax

Innocent Spouse Relief in San Diego, California

Innocent Spouse Relief in San Diego & Finding an Innocent Spouse Relief Lawyer Under normal circumstances, San Diego spouses are jointly and severally liable for any taxes due on a joint tax return. If one spouse fails to pay, the other spouse is legally responsible for the entire tax debt. However, there are certain situations


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