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Wondering if the IRS will find out? Ways the IRS Detects Tax Fraud?

$496 billion. That’s the latest IRS tax gap estimate. The IRS tax gap is the difference between the amount of tax the government believes it should collect and the amount of tax actually collected.  That’s a large gap! Whether (1) illegally obtaining a relief loan under the Coronavirus Aid, Tax Relief, and Economic Security (CARES)


How to Appeal an IRS Audit

If you’re one of the unlucky ones facing an IRS audit and wish to appeal the IRS’s decision, the agency outlines a straightforward appeal process for you. The IRS appeals process is easier than you think, and you have an excellent chance of achieving some tax reduction.   Is an Appeal the Right Option for


IRS Tax Audits: What Are the Chances You’ll Be Audited?

With tax season over, the idea of an audit might be on your mind. In 2020, it was reported that the 2019 tax examination rate had fallen as low as .045% from 0.9% in 2014. This is mostly due to budget cuts within the IRS and fewer employees available to complete audits. Although the number

IRS Audits & Tax Audit Help in New York

If you’re a New York resident, receiving official correspondence from the IRS can be nerve-wracking. It’s a situation made worse when you open the envelope to find a notice that you’ve been selected for a tax audit. To help you feel less apprehensive about it, this article gives a basic overview of IRS audits and

IRS Audits & Tax Audit Help in Bethesda, Maryland

If you live in Baltimore, Maryland, and have recently received an official notification from the IRS that you’ve been selected for a tax audit, you may be feeling apprehensive, upset, or both. While it’s normal to feel a bit nervous in advance of an unfamiliar process—especially one with as many financial impacts as an IRS


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