Finding the Right Kind of Tax Relief Help

When you’re dealing with tax issues, your circumstances don’t just impact your finances,  they also impact your mind and overall well being. You may find yourself questioning your past choices and wondering what the future holds.
If you owe back taxes, your biggest fear may be making the wrong decision in your dealings with the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS. The alternative is to do nothing at all, which can spell even greater problems for you from a legal standpoint.
In this situation, it is absolutely paramount that you seek appropriate tax help—and right away. With the right assistance, you can overcome your tax issue both efficiently and effectively so that you can finally put this chapter of your life behind you.
If you need help with tax relief, here’s a look at how you can go about finding the right kind of tax relief help today.

Help with Tax Relief: Where to Start

If you’re pursuing tax relief help, you have a couple of options starting out: use a tax attorney or use a Certified Public Accountant, or CPA. However, hiring a tax attorney is generally a better choice.
Here’s why.
For starters, a CPA isn’t required to keep your case-related communications with him or her confidential like an attorney is. So, if you choose an attorney, you can rest assured that he or she will not provide testimony against you should the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, prosecute you at trial. Meanwhile, a CPA might have no choice but to reveal information about your case to the IRS.
Also, CPAs aren’t very knowledgeable about tax law. Therefore, they can’t provide you with the comprehensive legal advice you need. You can expect solid legal advice only from a tax attorney, who can lay out for you all of your options for solving your tax issue.

What About Getting Help with Tax Relief from Tax Relief Companies?

You may consider seeking help from tax relief companies as you attempt to resolve your tax problem. But don’t. Here are a few reasons why it’s in your best interest to avoid working with these types of companies as you pursue help with tax relief.
First, these companies tend to be sales-driven: their main focus is to pitch you a solution that will benefit them financially but do little to give you the tax debt help you need.
In addition, tax relief companies as a whole have developed a reputation for employing various tactics to achieve their aims. For instance, you may encounter companies that will promise you that they will definitely settle your debt even though they have never viewed your case. On top of this, you may end up being surprised with hefty fees up front.
For these reasons, it is wise to stick with hiring a tax attorney to fix your tax issue.

What to Look for in a Tax Attorney When Seeking Help with Tax Relief

It is critical that the tax attorney you select has a demonstrated understanding of the current tax law but also will offer you personal attention. Individualized attention will help you to handle the immense stress you feel if you owe money to the federal government and desperately need Help with tax relief.
In addition to giving you individualized attention, your attorney should treat you like an individual when it comes to the handling of payments. For instance, rather than charging you the fee that he or she charges other clients, your attorney should work with you on a fee based on your particular case as well as your ability to cover your legal costs.

Other Attorney Considerations When You Need Help with Tax Relief

Be sure that the attorney you choose can help you to tackle your particular issue. A reputable tax attorney is capable of handling problems like tax liens, bank levies, and wage garnishments. Other issues that competent tax attorneys can handle include tax returns that have been unfiled, payroll tax-related debt, and even IRS audits.
When it comes to wage garnishments in particular, it is within your rights to appeal the IRS’ decision to garnish your income. After all, if your wages are garnished, this potentially burdensome situation won’t end until you have fully paid of your tax debt or you end up declaring bankruptcy, for example. An attorney can explain to you all of the rights you have in the area of wage garnishment.
Also, as far as unfiled returns are concerned, the IRS will label you as either a non-criminal or a criminal non-filer. In the former situation, a tax agent with the IRS will request that you file your returns in 30 days. Meanwhile, in the latter situation, the government can criminally charge you for not filing tax returns.

Options If You Need Help with Tax Relief

Your attorney should have no problem taking on your issue no matter how complex it might seem. In the end, you may end up settling for a tax debt amount that is less than what you initially owed.  Additionally, you could appeal an IRS audit or re-open a closed audit by submitting an audit reconsideration. Alternatively, you could negotiate a payment plan with the IRS so that you can pay off your tax debt within an agreed upon period of time.

Get Help with Tax Relief Today!

Dealing with tax issues can understandably be a major hassle—one that can take a toll on you and your entire family. However, you don’t need to figure out how to resolve your pressing tax issue on your own.
We at Delia Law have plenty of experience dealing with a wide variety of tax issues. In fact, we have developed a reputation for successfully tackling complex issues that even tax relief businesses could not figure out. We are committed to helping you to breathe easier by addressing your tax problem in the most personally beneficial manner possible.
Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help with tax relief today so that you can enjoy a more peaceful tomorrow.

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