tax debt problems

When Tax Debt Problems Are Too Heavy

The burden of owing the IRS money is a heavy weight to bear, particularly if your situation is complex and if your resources are limited.

If you find yourself struggling with tax debt problems, a tax relief attorney could be what you need to escape your debt. Unlike inexperienced tax relief companies, an IRS tax attorney has the education, experience, and resources you need to get results.

Learning About Your Options

The IRS created tax relief programs intended to help those who are struggling to pay their taxes. But not everyone is aware of those programs. With the guidance of a tax relief attorney, you will learn about the steps you must take to resolve your tax debt.

Delia Law’s services utilize the legal knowledge required to navigate you through your tax debt problems in a reasonable way. Without help, you could face a mountain of penalties that no person should have to deal with alone or with misguided direction from tax relief companies.

What Are Your Options for Tax Debt Relief?

There are legitimate options for those seeking to escape their tax woes. When you speak with an experienced tax relief attorney, they’ll be able to explain more about those options.

  • ➢ Offer In Compromise (OIC) Depending on your situation, an IRS tax attorney might suggest an OIC. Doing so settles your tax debt for less than the full amount.
  • ➢ IRS Payment Plan If you don’t qualify for an OIC, you could seek out a payment plan. Once the plan is approved, you begin paying your payments in monthly installments. As long as you make your payments, your tax debt problems can be relieved.
  • ➢ IRS Interest and Penalty Removal Your tax relief attorney may use this method if there is evidence that conditions beyond your control made it impossible to file your returns or pay your taxes.
  • ➢ Innocent Spouse Relief Taxpayers who were not aware of their spouse’s inaccurate tax return can file for innocent spouse relief. In doing so, they can escape IRS debt.

Solve Your Problems with a Tax Relief Attorney

You don’t need to struggle with your tax debt. When you work with an IRS tax attorney at Delia Law, you get over 20 years of experience and unbiased advice on your side.

For a free consultation from a compassionate lawyer, call our law office today.