What You Need to Know About Tax Evasion Penalties

The federal government has just notified you that you’ve been accused of tax evasion. Immediately, your heart sinks, and you feel as though you’re walking through a nightmare. Now, you’re scrambling for answers regarding the tax evasion penalties you’ll face.
This is no doubt how reality stars Todd and Julie Chrisley felt following their recent indictments of not only tax evasion but also conspiracy, bank fraud and wire fraud. The good news, though, is that neither you nor the Chrisleys have to navigate such a tricky situation all on your own. Dawn Delia, tax attorney at Delia Law, recently shared with PEOPLE magazine insights into the Chrisleys’ situation—the type of situation whose outcome will ultimately depend on the quality of the legal guidance that the couple receives.

Delia: A Look at Tax Evasion Penalties in the Chrisleys’ Case

In the PEOPLE magazine article, Delia explained that the Chrisleys’ tax matter could have simply been handled with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, it became a more serious criminal matter rather than just a legal matter when the IRS was unable to collect on their tax debt and reportedly discovered suspicious activity.
According to Delia, it appears that the Chrisleys are accused of moving assets, not reporting their income, and hiding their income. The fact that the case involves a large sum of money certainly does not help the Chrisleys’ case.
Delia has no involvement in the Chrisleys’ case. However, she does have extensive experience in the area of criminal tax law, hence why she was selected to speak with PEOPLE magazine.

What Next?

Delia further explained to the magazine that very few tax evasion cases are moved from administrative cases to criminal ones. However, if you end up being criminally charged for tax evasion, you could be sentenced to five years behind prison bars. In the Chrisleys’ case, the couple could spend even more time in prison due to the large number of charges they are facing.
The case likely won’t see a resolution for a few years, according to Delia. However, in the meantime, the IRS will keep sending collection letters to them.

Protect Yourself If Facing Tax Evasion Penalties Today

If you are facing a tax evasion charge, or a tax fraud charge, the outcome can be devastating, as you could lose your assets, your business, and even your freedom. You can expect IRS agents to quickly arrive at your business or home to seize your finance-related documents. In addition, the government could freeze your assets, thus leaving your lifestyle in limbo.
Fortunately, with an attorney’s help, you can eliminate or at the very least minimize the damage that comes with such charges. And the sooner you enlist the help of an attorney, the higher your chances of securing a more personally favorable outcome given the circumstances surrounding your case.
Get in touch with Delia Law today to learn more about tax evasion penalties and what your options are when dealing with tax-related criminal proceedings.

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