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Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount owed. The OIC program was instituted by the IRS for taxpayers unable to pay off their IRS debt due to financial hardship or for those that claim the tax was wrongfully owed. In assessing an OIC, the IRS considers your unique set of facts and circumstances based on your ability to pay.

Stop Wage Garnishments

In order to satisfy an IRS tax debt, the IRS has a wage garnishment right to take a portion of your wages or any other income until the outstanding balance is paid in full. This wage garnishment may leave you with very little to pay your bills and can amount to almost half of your gross monthly income. Before the IRS may garnish your wages, it must first send you a “Notice and Demand for Payment.”

IRS Payment Plans

An IRS Installment Agreement or IRS Payment Plan is an alternative to an Offer in Compromise (OIC), and is for those taxpayers who do not qualify for an OIC in settling their debt due to their income being too high. An Installment Agreement allows you to make monthly payments if you are not financially able to pay your tax debt immediately. The amount of your installment payment will be based

IRS Not Collectible Status

Being placed on an IRS Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status (or currently not collectable) means that the IRS has determined that you cannot afford to pay the tax debt at the present time by payment in full, through an installment agreement or by way of an Offer in Compromise. Once a taxpayer is placed on CNC status, the IRS will suspend its collection activities (must immediately stop any wage garnishment or bank


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Dawn Delia, Esq

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  • Q: Will I qualify for a settlement (offer in compromise) of my IRS tax debt?

    A: It depends. The IRS has recently offered more flexible terms to its Offer in Compromise (OIC) program.  This flexibility was enacted to help the overwhelming amount of financially distressed taxpayers to resolve their tax problems, with more efficiency as well. See Full FAQ Section

  • Q: Can you release my wage garnishment?

    A: Yes.  There are actually many options to take care of an IRS tax debt.  The best thing you can do is take advantage of these options and avoid a wage garnishment. If it is unavoidable, a wage garnishment may be released by several things.See Full FAQ Section

  • Q: The IRS took everything out of my bank account, can you stop them from doing it again?/ Can you release my bank levy?

    A: Yes.  After you have received a “Final Notice of Intent to Levy”. The IRS will contact your bank requiring them to freeze your account. Once frozen, the IRS must wait 21 days until they can seize your bank account funds. See Full FAQ Section

  • Q: How much do you charge? Can I pay in payments??

    A: We try to work with each individual client based upon the complexity of each individual case.  Our attorney fees are reasonable and payment plans are always available upon request. See Full FAQ Section


A Few Words From Our Clients…

  • "Because of a stupid tax mistake over a decade ago, I was assessed a bill for nearly $20,000 to the IRS which I was in no position to pay. The idea of negotiating with the IRS was mysterious, daunting, and terrifying. Thankfully I found Dawn Delia. She helped me organize my information and was able to negotiate a settlement for me with the IRS for drastically less than I owed. I feel that I am able to make a fresh start in my financial life -- Thank you Dawn Delia!"

    Steven K.
  • “Let me first say I really do jot post reviews at all but I am making an exception here. If you have any tax issues this lady is the one to call, believe me. I had a very complicated tax issue with the IRS and the Franchise tax board. Delia was honest, professional, very reasonably priced, and even gave me free advice over the phone. I can honestly and truthfully say that I have saved a truck load full of money using her. The amount I paid her versus what I would have paid not using her was pennies on the dollar. THANK YOU DAWN DELIA!!!!!!"

  • “My family and I want to thank the tax attorneys at Delia Law in resolving our tax problems. Words can’t say enough how honest, compassionate and hard-working they were in helping us with our IRS problems. I initially had my nephew call a tax attorney to deal with some complex IRS issues involving me and my very sick husband. I was too scared to call on my own, not knowing what to say or how to say it. My nephew put me in contact with Dawn Delia. She was so calming and knew exactly how to quickly handle my tax problem. I immediately felt she could help me…and she did.

    I know she does these things day in and day out, but what she did for us was life changing. She was instrumental in providing a home for us, something we haven’t had in several years. My husband was so worried that we wouldn’t have a place to live after his passing, but once she resolved our tax problem, he was able to sign the papers and felt it was time. With all her hard work, she gave peace to my family and husband before his passing, knowing that our tax situation was resolved. I will forever be grateful to her. If anyone should ever need a tax attorney, I will be sure to refer them to Dawn Delia.”

    Jean M.
  • “If you want a tax attorney that you can trust with the experience to deal with the IRS effectively while providing amazing customer service, I would highly recommend Delia Law. I called Delia Law and was immediately put in contact with Dawn Delia, their managing tax attorney. I thought I would have to wait for days to speak with her. I had initially made the mistake of signing up with a tax relief company who had done nothing for me, but take my money. I immediately cancelled with them after talking with her. I explained to her that my wife had just passed away and that we had racked up considerable tax debt due to the bad economy in past years. I was so worried and was losing sleep, not only for my loss, but for my kids’ loss as well.

    I realized I would not be able to pay off our tax debt of $36,000 (plus all the penalties and interest) AND support my three kids alone. She immediately made me feel at ease and had such compassion I will never forget. She walked me through every point of the offer in compromise process, making sure I was making all my estimated tax payments and was compliant with what the IRS needed. She was able to settle my debt for $2,200. If you have significant financial hardship, I highly recommend Delia Law for tax problems. I already recommended Ms. Delia to a couple of my close friends.”

    Michael J.
  • “If you want a tax attorney to give you personal attention with one point of contact at all times, Delia Law is the best, most knowledgeable tax attorney firm out there to help you with your tax issues. I came to Delia Law to help me with my FBAR filing requirement (foreign bank account reporting). I was frustrated and confused as to what I was supposed to do. I knew I needed to get into compliance and to convince the IRS that my failure to report my foreign bank accounts was not “willful.” Ms. Delia assisted me quickly and led me through the process. She made it easy to understand and drafted an argument to the IRS that was legally sound and accepted by the IRS. I would not hesitate in referring Delia Law to any of my friends, family or colleagues."

    Allan H.
  • "Owing the IRS is one of the most difficult positions someone can be in. If your reading this, I'm sure you've found yourself or may find yourself having your bank account(s) frozen, assets seized, tax refunds held. I found myself in one or more of these positions. Knowing you have to pay the IRS but not being able to makes it nearly impossible to have a real life. I found Dawn through reading reviews like this and feel it is important to share my experience. Dawn set expectations upfront and timelines of what was needed. She followed up with me and was able to give me a new start.Thanks Dawn!"
    Joel L.
  • "I am a small business owner and unfortunately had a few bad years where I racked up a bunch of tax debt. I went searching for someone to try and get the IRS off my back for good. My experience with Delia Law was outstanding! I could not have asked for a better tax attorney. Dawn Delia is genuine, honest, and just plain hardworking. She responded timely to my every call and worked fast whenever a problem came up. She also gave me updates and assurances whenever I needed. She resolved my IRS tax debt of over $500,000 with an offer in compromise and gave me faith that there are people out there that want to help others. My family and I cannot give enough thanks."
    Michael S.

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