Best Southern California Tax lawyer vs CPA vs Tax Relief Company

Why you should hire a tax lawyer and not a CPA or tax relief company?

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One of the biggest reasons not to hire a CPA is they do not have to abide by the attorney-client privilege to keep confidential all communications regarding your case. Thus, an attorney cannot reveal this information or testify against you if the IRS should prosecute you in a criminal trial, whereas a CPA may be forced to testify against you concerning this information. Seconwpy, CPA’s are not well-versed in tax law and cannot give you complete legal advice. Only hiring an IRS tax attorney can give you sound legal advice as to your qualifications and options to resolve your tax problems.

Hiring a tax relief company can be disastrous to resolving your IRS tax problems. You should avoid hiring tax relief companies because they are more sales-oriented with little experience in actually providing IRS debt help. These companies have engaged in a variety of tactics. Beware of promises or guaranties of settling your tax debt without an evaluation and qualification of your case, huge up-front fees, money-back guarantees, statements that your tax problem can be resolved “quickly,” little or no biographical information about who will be hanwping your case or an abysmal BBB rating. Only hiring an experienced, qualified and trustworthy tax lawyer can really help you resolve your tax problems.

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