If you find yourself experiencing tax debt problems, you could benefit from working with a tax lawyer. But what do tax lawyers do?

Service Area Tax Relief Lawyers Tax Relief Companies
Preserve Attorney-Client Privilege Yes No
Knowledge of State & Federal Tax Laws Yes No
Unbiased, Objective Advisement on All Options Yes, in great detail Yes, but may not be aware of all the options

Instead of wondering how tax law services compare to tax relief companies, experience the difference yourself. Delia Law will help you understand the differences between the two services and why a tax law professional improves your chances of a successful outcome.

How Do Tax Relief Companies Work?

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Unlike tax lawyers, CPAs at tax relief companies do not need to comply with attorney-client privilege. They can use your words against you and testify if the IRS prosecutes you.

What do tax lawyers do that’s different? Because of attorney-client privilege, they are not able to testify against you.

The level of experience and guidance also differs. Generally, CPAs have limited to no knowledge of tax law. They focus on their own sales and don’t offer viable solutions. On the other hand, an IRS tax attorney has the qualifications necessary to give you sound legal advice. They are better equipped to resolve your tax problems.

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What Do Tax Lawyers Do?

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When you tell a tax lawyer about your IRS debt, they will explain more about your options for tax relief. While employees at tax relief companies don’t have in-depth knowledge regarding OICs and payment plans, tax attorneys do.

They’ll be able to analyze your situation and determine which options would have the best outcome for you and your bank account. In addition to advising you on the process, they’ll educate you on the potential consequences. By making an informed decision, you won’t have to worry about encountering any surprises. Rather than wonder, “what do tax lawyers do”, you can hire one first-hand and reap the benefits.

How Do Tax Relief Companies Work Against You?

All too often, people turn to CPAs for their tax woes. However, this could make your issues even worse. Tax relief companies often engage in harmful tactics that put their clients in unpleasant situations.

For instance, they might make a false promise that leaves you unprepared for the future. At times, they charge outrageous up-front fees and don’t resolve your tax debt in the most affordable way.

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