IRS Interest & Penalty Removal

If you haven’t paid taxes and related penalties, or even filed tax returns, you could be relieved of IRS tax penalties and interest in the form of an IRS penalty abatement. The main way to achieve penalty abatement is to show that the failure to comply was due to reasonable cause. Under this IRS penalty abatement program, you can get a reduction or removal of penalties and interest charged on your tax debt. Delia Law is here to help you make a request for penalty abatement.

What You Need to Know

If you have unpaid taxes, the tax debt you owe the IRS increases with every new month by accruing IRS penalties and interest. Any tax debt that’s not paid in full by the tax filing deadline is subject to those penalties and interest. IRS penalties can add up pretty quickly. They are typically charged to encourage taxpayers to pay their tax debts in full as early as possible.

The longer you wait, the bigger your tax liabilities grow.

You may qualify for IRS penalty abatement if you didn’t file returns, pay taxes, pay penalties, or pay interest because of a situation that was out of your control.

If you need help requesting IRS penalty abatement for failure to pay, failure to file, or failure to deposit penalties, you should get a free consultation with renowned Southern California tax attorney and Delia Law founder Dawn Delia Esq. She’ll help you figure out whether you should apply for penalty relief depending on your individual circumstances.

To ensure the request is successful, we will:

  • Do an estimate of your IRS tax penalties and interest
  • Assess the real facts about your financial situation
  • Evaluate the specific circumstances that prevented you from paying your tax debt
  • Devise a concrete plan to get the best IRS penalty abatement resolution possible

After the IRS penalties and interest are removed, we’ll help you settle your tax debt through either an Offer in Compromise or an affordable tax payment plan that suits your financial situation.


Ready for some peace-of-mind & to get started? We are here to help & would love to talk to you.

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