Dawn Delia Tax Attorney Testimonials

C. Ramos

I want to take a moment to share my extraordinary experience with Dawn Delia as my tax attorney. I believe it’s important for potential clients to know just how incredible Dawn is in handling tax matters.  I found myself in a challenging situation, facing over $972,000 of unpaid IRS tax debt, which I had no knowledge of during my marriage. From our first conversation, it was clear that I had found an exceptional advocate.  What sets Dawn apart is not just her profound knowledge of tax law but her genuine compassion and unwavering support. She listened patiently to my story and understood the unique challenges I faced as a woman going through a devastating divorce, with the added responsibilities of being a mother. Dawn’s ability to connect with her clients on a personal level is truly remarkable. Throughout the entire process, Dawn was accessible and highly responsive. I never had to wait long for a reply, and her ability to navigate through the complexities of my case was truly impressive. She knew precisely who to contact to obtain answers and resolutions, which gave me peace of mind during a challenging time.  The most remarkable moment was when I was FULLY cleared of almost $1 million in IRS tax debt! Dawn’s excitement was palpable, as if she were the one relieved of the debt. This level of dedication is something you don’t come across often.  Dawn Delia is not just an exceptional tax attorney but also a compassionate and caring professional who goes above and beyond for her clients. If you’re seeking someone who can provide not only expert legal guidance but also unwavering support during a challenging journey, Dawn is the attorney you need. She has truly changed my life for the better, and I can’t thank her enough.

George S.

  I owed the IRS and state, but I really didn’t know why. I was so upset because the IRS was garnishing my social security. Dawn Delia at Delia Law easily and quickly found out what happened and removed the IRS garnishment. She was super down to earth, understanding and above all…knew what she was doing. She informed me every step of the way and calmed me down when I was sooo stressed—even at the point of crying. She’s your tax attorney if you are looking for one and affordable—no gauging!

Kim A.

When my father passed away without a will, after life instructions, and a huge debt owed to the IRS, I was completely overwhelmed. Not only was I dealing with intense grief, but I had no idea how to handle his affairs. A close friend referred me to Dawn and I am so thankful she did. Dawn was so extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions and gave me additional guidance as a follow up. She made dealing with my fathers death so much easier and less stressful. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly tax attorney.

Patrick P.

I have worked with Dawn on tax problems that some of my clients had. She has been able to resolve the most complex tax issues by getting very favorable outcomes with the IRS. If you need tax resolution, Dawn is the one to call.

Elena G.

Ms. Delia provided expert advice and direction relating to my slightly odd inquiries. She exhibited professionalism throughout the experience and was very knowledgable. She is a clear communicator and follows through exceptionally. I highly recommend Ms. Delia for all of your tax law issues. Top notch!

Nancy M.

What can I say about Dawn Delia, but amazing!!! I owe the IRS a debt from 2006 that was from an audit. She went back and was able to get nearly $50,000 back for me. Believe me, the IRS would not let go, but she kept pushing and submitted documentation that proved I was owed that money back. It was an absolute miracle. I tried for 10 years to get that money back, with tax relief companies and then a CPA. Nothing worked. I was referred to Dawn Delia and I am so happy I found her. She was able to get me justice!

Shawn A.

It would never have been possible to navigate the complexities of my situation with the IRS. She saved me tens of thousands of dollars and was a proactive advocate for me every step of the way. The value provided was priceless. She really cares about the most positive outcome possible for her clients, communicates clearly and consistently throughout the process and if any questions came up she was always there to make sure I understood. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone that has a simple or complex tax situation.


I was very happy that I found Dawn Delia. I was scared and feeling like I was at my end with the IRS before I contacted her. After we hung up from our initial consultation, I felt protected and safe. I was never worried because I knew Dawn would protect me from the IRS and make it right. Im forever grateful and happy to Dawn for giving me peace and helping me to laugh again because I feel so secure now!!! I found a great attorney and a new friend.

Dan O.

Absolutely an unbelievable experience! I didn’t know who to turn to for my tax issues but I couldn’t have made a better choice. Dawn is very professional and guided me the entire way. She was able to quickly get me through my issues. Don’t know what I would have done without her! Highly recommend Delia Law. She is the best…..hands down! Thank you!!

Ryan L.

A consummate profession. Dawn has the expertise and knowledge depth than will benefit any individual or corporation looking for help with their tax issues. I cannot say enough about how efficient and effective her work, and beneficial results, were in terms of assisting with tax matters.

Love Food

“I cannot explain how much Dawn Delia has helped me. I was not expecting such a fast resolution and she turned it all around very quickly. She keeps you informed every step of the way and makes sure you understand the details. She also works with you on the cost of services which was incredibly helpful for me. I highly recommend her if you have any tax needs or issues. She is awesome!”

Saucedo M.

“My husband and I received a notification that we owed a significant amount of money to the IRS. This was not only daunting but caused us much distress. I knew I had to hire the most experienced attorney I could find that had our best interest in mind and that we could afford. I didn’t know what to expect but any fears I had quickly subsided after only meeting with her for a few minutes. Dawn is a serious professional that knows and understands tax law. She explained the process in a way that we understood it well. She was able to save us more than we could have ever imagined. Today, we feel immensely blessed to know her and know that she is our tax attorney for life!” -Maricruz & Esequiel Saucedo

Luis A. V.

“Great Attorney. She is definitely worth every penny.”

Miruna B.

“I can truly say that I had a great experience! I called this morning because I was very confused about some tax issues and all my questions were answered quickly. She described all the steps I needed to take next and how to go about it. I am very satisfied and I recommend Delia Law to everyone.”

John H.

“Dawn was instrumental in helping me win a battle against an IRS audit on very technical issues regarding my Schedule C income. She crafted a masterful case as to why I should be deemed a “qualified real estate professional”, which reduced my tax liability by more than half. In addition, her billing seemed very fair and refreshing in an industry that likes to “run the meter”. I would very much recommend Delia Law to anyone who needs help negotiating with the IRS.”

Charlene H.

“What an outstanding attorney! Who ever said the internet was a bad place to find someone exceptional?? I proved them wrong when I came across Dawn Dilia’s website. I was in a terrible situation with the IRA and FTB. The accountant I had filed my taxes wrong a couple of years back and when I tried reaching her she miraculous disappeared. This is an accountant that I used for 17 years! I had hired a tax attorney to help me with this dilemma. Because it was a large firm he handed me off to one of his rookies. Needless to say, I was in deeper in from when first started out. The stress alone was exhausting. When I contacted Ms. Delia she knew right away how to handle my situation. I felt secure to know I was in the right hands. Everything went so smoothly. We ended up settling. I now can put my head down on my pillow at night and sleep.”

Josef T.

“SHE’S A BARRACUDA!!! She took our case (Which involved Adoption, Separation, and unscrupulous foster parents claiming our children on their taxes) It was a MESS! But Delia Law took charge of the situation! She hit the IRS with FACTS and Documentation, and they had no choice but to comply with the law. Thank you Dawn….. for helping us get closure to a “VERY MESSED UP” Situation! Paul and Teresa Tena”

Bryan L.

“My experience with Dawn and Delia Law was exceptional. Dealing with the IRS is never fun, and it’s even less so when they decide to come after you for a sizable sum. I called Delia Law late on a Friday afternoon at the start of a three day weekend for guidance related to a tax matter after speaking with a few other firms. The other firms had lots to say but none of them gave me total confidence that they would be best suited to handle my situation. To my surprise, I received a return call from Dawn first thing on Monday morning even though it was a holiday. Within just a few minutes of speaking with her I could tell Dawn was a true expert in tax law and I hired her that same day. Throughout the entire process I found her to not only be extremely knowledgeable in all tax related matters but just like that first phone call her promptness, availability, and attention to detail was second to none. My case was fairly complex and Dawn kept me updated and things moving forward as quickly as can be expected when negotiating with the IRS. Dawn is straightforward, to the point, and tells it like it is but she is also very personable and it’s obvious that she truly cares about her clients. Basically all the qualities you want in an attorney, or any service professional for that matter. In short, I could not have asked for a more positive resolution to my case. Literally the outcome could not have been better. I’m completely convinced that Dawn and Delia Law are the sole reason for this outcome and I enthusiastically recommend her and her firm.”

Rick S.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Dawn on many occasions. She is thoughtful, a critical thinker, very thorough in her work & trustworthy. She will see your case to the end & keeps you informed of all the progress she is making. Knows the law very well & comes up with great strategies to help her clients. She keeps abreast of all tax changes & what the IRS is doing & uses that information to help her clients. She makes dealing with tax issues very easy. She walks you thru the whole process & puts you at ease. Her firm has many assets to help clients with their IRS & any other type of tax issue they may have. I would highly recommend her firm when dealing with any tax issue. You will be in good hands when you use Dawn Delia, she will save you money & put your mind at ease on all of your tax issues. Call her now & get rid of your tax problems!!- I did am I am very happy about winning my case!”

Doc S.

“Dawn Delia has helped me tremendously in my difficulties with IRS. She made her services very affordable for me and she was able to immediately rectify my issues within 24 hours. I was amazed and very thankful for her understanding and extreme speediness in getting my situation taken care of. I would highly recommend her services to as many people as possible. She is incredibly understanding and thoughtful when dealing with issues that might be difficult for any client to discuss with anyone. Her knowledge and expertise is astounding. What a blessing it was to find her services.”

Barlow R.

“Delia Law of San Diego made my Tax issue a simple and easy task. Delia Law really has taken a lot of weight of my chest. Thank You”

Dennis R.

“I discussed my tax problem with several Tax Attorneys before I shared it with Delia Law. I found Attorney Dawn Delia to be extremely attentive who listened carefully while I explained my case to her. She spent a considerable amount of time on the phone with me, asked several questions and understood the case fully. She explained clearly all the options and suggested a resolution that I thought was the best before accepting the case. She started working on my case immediately after she accepted it. While working on my application to the IRS, she informed me of all details and progress made. She resolved the case in a very satisfactory way in a shortest possible time. Two month after she resolved my case, I received a letter from the IRS that was send to me due to an error. MS. Delia contacted the IRS and resolved the situation before even I asked her to do so. MS. Dawn Delia is a caring and companionate attorney with a critical mind and vast knowledge of Tax Law. I certainly recommend her to anybody who needs help to resolve his/her tax issues with the IRS.”

Bill S.

“I needed help with some tax issues, and contacted Dawn who was able to help me resolve those issues quickly and painlessly. It was a very professional experience, and she explained all the steps to me before we began; and resolved everything quickly. Her services are highly recommended.”

Andrea K.

“I was referred to Dawn from my lawyer so I could resolve a few IRS issues from a few business I owned in the past. To sum up the entire experience I’ve been having with her: she is truly God-sent. I initially had a phone interview with her and could see right away that she was the right person to handle the job. IRS issues can be complicating and take a long time to get resolved but with Dawn you can be rest assured that she will get the job DONE. Her practice is nationwide (I live in WA state) so be sure to give her a call!”

C&L Tax Consultants

“I was contacted by Homeland Security concerning a previous client I had prepared Income Taxes for. They asked me questions of a confidential nature relating to my client, which concerned me. For that reason I contacted Ms. Delia Dawn who in turn made some calls and handled the interview herself. She was very professional, and made herself accessible for my convenience. She is very knowledgeable and gave me expert advice. She fulfilled my obligation to Homeland Security without a hitch and for that reason I would highly recommend her. I will not hesitate to obtain her service in the future.”

Max P.

“Attorney Dawn Delia quickly and efficiently resolved my IRS tax audit involving my business. I would highly recommend Delia Law for anyone requiring an expert tax attorney.”

Jose A.

“Dawn Delia is the BEST!! She is very patient and understanding. Results turned out great for my OIC. Thanks Dawn, GOD bless you!!”

Almeida C.

“After talking 3 different tax attorneys I was getting no where as they just did not understand my situation and wasted my time. So what makes Dawn an excellent Tax Attorney? She took on a case that involved laws of multiple countries and had to deal with lawyers who were available during their working hours around the world. Dawn first had to understand the legal issues of the multiple countries, She kept me updated every step of the way and even set my expectations, which was very important. The foreign lawyers are now interested in having Dawn work with them on other cases. If you have a complicated case in the USA or which involves other countries, you need to talk to Dawn as no one else even comes close to her skill in getting the job done.”

Ryan L.

“I would highly recommend Dawn to any individual or business looking for help with tax issues. She is a true professional who has the expertise and knowledge base to provide the best quality and value-driven service.”

Art M.

“I would Totally recommend Delia Law for all your IRS Tax Issues. I came to her back in October of 2017 and contracted her and her Firm for my tax issues. IRS finalized paperwork finally came thru and was accepted June 2018. Dawn Is very understanding, Thoughtful very Trustworthy and very Professional in Her Profession. From start to finish she was always in contact and in touch with me explaining the next steps and processes of everything going on with my case Very thorough in all the paperwork and communication with me and the IRS People. She explained what Options were available to me and my case and advised what the best directions to go, on her advise and suggestion we agreed to go with a Offer In Compromise and this OIC was Fully accepted and Final This June of 2018. Time wise was just as she explained and mentioned it would be give or take. After talking to other lawyers and Law Firms before Dawn i could not get any straight answers to my Tax Questions. Then after calling and getting in touch with Dawn and asking all the same questions, she was very Patient and Professional in answering all my Tax questions i had asked everyone else. What pushed me to contracting Dawn Delia Fully was her Honesty and her Expert Advice on my Case and Situation and what she would try to get done and once again to her work and her word, everything she explained from start to finish was Done to the T. I Owed the IRS From Years Past over $55,000 and with the OIC Settled out with a Offer of $500 Thank You Again DAWN DELIA AND FIRM Top notch Lawyer and Service”

Tabatha A.

“My husband and I would highly recommend Dawn Delia to anyone. We had quite a mess to clean up with the IRS, Dawn was very patient, knowledgeable and strategic in her approach to the IRS. Months of stressing out are now over. Thank you Dawn :-)”

Bruce B.

Attorney Dawn Delia was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, and patient when I was lagging behind my deadlines in getting her the requested information… She can’t be compared to the large law firms who will take your money and rarely let you talk to an attorney but limit your access to customer service reps and paralegals.

Jacob F.

Without Dawn Delia’s tenacious and intelligent legal abilities I would have ended up paying the IRS over $100,000 in back taxes and penalties. Most awesome work and results I ever got from an attorney! I can now sleep much better at night.”

Kim K.

I was referred to Dawn from my lawyer so I could resolve a few IRS issues from a few businesses I owned in the past. To sum up the entire experience I’ve been having with her: she is truly God-sent. I initially had a phone interview with her and could see right away that she was the right person to handle the job.

Rosanna G.

“I was referred to Dawn Delia from my CPA who could not handle my difficult tax problems. She was so easy to talk to and did not make me feel bad, which was really important to me and she just put me at ease.”

Michael S.

“Dawn Delia is genuine, honest, and just plain hardworking. She responded timely to my every call and worked fast whenever a problem came up. She resolved my IRS tax debt of over $500,000 with an offer in compromise and gave me faith that there are people out there that want to help others.”

Joel L.

“Owing the IRS is one of the most difficult positions someone can be in. If your reading this, I’m sure you’ve found yourself or may find yourself having your bank account(s) frozen, assets seized, tax refunds held. I found myself in one or more of these positions. Knowing you have to pay the IRS but not being able to makes it nearly impossible to have a real life. I found Dawn through reading reviews like this and feel it is important to share my experience. Dawn set expectations upfront and timelines of what was needed. She followed up with me and was able to give me a new start.Thanks Dawn!”

Steven K.

“Because of a stupid tax mistake over a decade ago, I was assessed a bill for nearly $20,000 to the IRS which I was in no position to pay. The idea of negotiating with the IRS was mysterious, daunting, and terrifying. Thankfully I found Dawn Delia. She helped me organize my information and was able to negotiate a settlement for me with the IRS for drastically less than I owed. I feel that I am able to make a fresh start in my financial life — Thank you Dawn Delia!”

Allan H.

“If you want a tax attorney to give you personal attention with one point of contact at all times, Delia Law is the best, most knowledgeable tax attorney firm out there to help you with your tax issues. I came to Delia Law to help me with my FBAR filing requirement (foreign bank account reporting). I was frustrated and confused as to what I was supposed to do. I knew I needed to get into compliance and to convince the IRS that my failure to report my foreign bank accounts was not “willful.” Ms. Delia assisted me quickly and led me through the process. She made it easy to understand and drafted an argument to the IRS that was legally sound and accepted by the IRS. I would not hesitate in referring Delia Law to any of my friends, family or colleagues.”

Michael J.

“I came to Delia Law when I realized I would not be able to pay off my tax debt of $36,000 (plus all the penalties and interest) AND support my three kids alone… Dawn was able to settle my debt for $2,200.”

Jean M.

“My family and I want to thank the tax attorneys at Delia Law in resolving our tax problems. Words can’t say enough how honest, compassionate and hard-working they were in helping us with our IRS problems. I initially had my nephew call a tax attorney to deal with some complex IRS issues involving me and my very sick husband. I was too scared to call on my own, not knowing what to say or how to say it. My nephew put me in contact with Dawn Delia. She was so calming and knew exactly how to quickly handle my tax problem. I immediately felt she could help me…and she did. I know she does these things day in and day out, but what she did for us was life changing. She was instrumental in providing a home for us, something we haven’t had in several years. My husband was so worried that we wouldn’t have a place to live after his passing, but once she resolved our tax problem, he was able to sign the papers and felt it was time. With all her hard work, she gave peace to my family and husband before his passing, knowing that our tax situation was resolved. I will forever be grateful to her. If anyone should ever need a tax attorney, I will be sure to refer them to Dawn Delia.”


“Let me first say I really do jot post reviews at all but I am making an exception here. If you have any tax issues this lady is the one to call, believe me. I had a very complicated tax issue with the IRS. Delia was honest, professional, and very reasonably priced. I can honestly and truthfully say that I have saved a truck load full of money using her. The amount I paid her versus what I would have paid not using her was pennies on the dollar. THANK YOU DAWN DELIA!!!!!!”

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