• Ryan L.

    A consummate profession. Dawn has the expertise and knowledge depth than will benefit any individual or corporation looking for help with their tax issues. I cannot say enough about how efficient and effective her work, and beneficial results, were in terms of assisting with tax matters.

  • Love Food

    "I cannot explain how much Dawn Delia has helped me. I was not expecting such a fast resolution and she turned it all around very quickly. She keeps you informed every step of the way and makes sure you understand the details. She also works with you on the cost of services which was incredibly helpful for me. I highly recommend her if you have any tax needs or issues. She is awesome!"

  • Saucedo M.

    "My husband and I received a notification that we owed a significant amount of money to the IRS. This was not only daunting but caused us much distress. I knew I had to hire the most experienced attorney I could find that had our best interest in mind and that we could afford.

    I didn't know what to expect but any fears I had quickly subsided after only meeting with her for a few minutes. Dawn is a serious professional that knows and understands tax law. She explained the process in a way that we understood it well. She was able to save us more than we could have ever imagined. Today, we feel immensely blessed to know her and know that she is our tax attorney for life!"

    -Maricruz & Esequiel Saucedo

  • Luis A. V.

    "Great Attorney. She is definitely worth every penny."

  • Miruna B.

    "I can truly say that I had a great experience! I called this morning because I was very confused about some tax issues and all my questions were answered quickly. She described all the steps I needed to take next and how to go about it. I am very satisfied and I recommend Delia Law to everyone."

  • John H.

    "Dawn was instrumental in helping me win a battle against an IRS audit on very technical issues regarding my Schedule C income. She crafted a masterful case as to why I should be deemed a “qualified real estate professional”, which reduced my tax liability by more than half. In addition, her billing seemed very fair and refreshing in an industry that likes to “run the meter”. I would very much recommend Delia Law to anyone who needs help negotiating with the IRS."

  • Charlene H.

    "What an outstanding attorney!

    Who ever said the internet was a bad place to find someone exceptional?? I proved them wrong when I came across Dawn Dilia’s website.

    I was in a terrible situation with the IRA and FTB. The accountant I had filed my taxes wrong a couple of years back and when I tried reaching her she miraculous disappeared. This is an accountant that I used for 17 years! I had hired a tax attorney to help me with this dilemma. Because it was a large firm he handed me off to one of his rookies. Needless to say, I was in deeper in from when first started out. The stress alone was exhausting.

    When I contacted Ms. Delia she knew right away how to handle my situation. I felt secure to know I was in the right hands. Everything went so smoothly.

    We ended up settling. I now can put my head down on my pillow at night and sleep."

  • Josef T.

    "SHE'S A BARRACUDA!!! She took our case (Which involved Adoption, Separation, and unscrupulous foster parents claiming our children on their taxes) It was a MESS! But Delia Law took charge of the situation! She hit the IRS with FACTS and Documentation, and they had no choice but to comply with the law. Thank you Dawn..... for helping us get closure to a "VERY MESSED UP" Situation! Paul and Teresa Tena"

  • Bryan L.

    "My experience with Dawn and Delia Law was exceptional. Dealing with the IRS is never fun, and it's even less so when they decide to come after you for a sizable sum.

    I called Delia Law late on a Friday afternoon at the start of a three day weekend for guidance related to a tax matter after speaking with a few other firms. The other firms had lots to say but none of them gave me total confidence that they would be best suited to handle my situation. To my surprise, I received a return call from Dawn first thing on Monday morning even though it was a holiday. Within just a few minutes of speaking with her I could tell Dawn was a true expert in tax law and I hired her that same day.

    Throughout the entire process I found her to not only be extremely knowledgeable in all tax related matters but just like that first phone call her promptness, availability, and attention to detail was second to none. My case was fairly complex and Dawn kept me updated and things moving forward as quickly as can be expected when negotiating with the IRS. Dawn is straightforward, to the point, and tells it like it is but she is also very personable and it's obvious that she truly cares about her clients. Basically all the qualities you want in an attorney, or any service professional for that matter.

    In short, I could not have asked for a more positive resolution to my case. Literally the outcome could not have been better. I'm completely convinced that Dawn and Delia Law are the sole reason for this outcome and I enthusiastically recommend her and her firm."