Tax Fraud: No Laughing Matter

IRS Criminal Tax Defense

Tax fraud may be “white collar crime,” but the consequences of a conviction can be as devastating to your life as if you were convicted of capital murder.

Violations against tax regulations can lead to civil as well as criminal proceedings.

If you’re involved in tax matters that turn criminal or have the potential of turning criminal, it is essential to find a criminal tax attorney with experience in eliminating (or at least minimizing) the damage charges bring.

The IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID) works with ruthless efficiency when it comes to investigating and pursuing taxpayers who commit any form of federal tax crimes.

Being charged with IRS tax evasion or fraud can create a lot of problems for your life, line of work, or business.

What You Should Know

When an IRS CID special agent is assigned to investigate your potential tax crime, they’ll be on a mission to obtain as much information and evidence as they can to ensure a successful prosecution.

Agents will show up at your house, place of work, or business with a search warrant to seize your personal financial-related documents. In some instances, they may freeze your assets and leave your day-to-day lifestyle at a standstill.

Before the IRS gets the opportunity to do so, you should get a knowledgeable tax fraud lawyer to advise you on the steps to take.

Out of all the criminal investigations initiated by the IRS CID in 2015, out of the 1,666 investigations that were recommended for legal indictment, 1,664 cases were successfully sentenced.

That’s a conviction rate of almost 100%!

That’s why hiring an experienced criminal tax attorney to evaluate your case is vital even if the IRS has not noticed you yet.

Delia Law is Here to Help You

Criminal tax problems typically fall into two areas – tax evasion and tax fraud. At Delia Law, our Tax Attorneys help you deal with a wide range of criminal tax scenarios, including:

  • Failure to file your tax returns
  • Employment tax evasion
  • Underreporting of your income
  • Tax return preparer violations
  • Fraudulent or false tax returns
  • Undisclosed offshore assets or income

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