Criminal tax law in the US – The majority of IRS tax problems are civil, meaning they do not rise to the level of being considered as criminal. It is a crime to cheat on your taxes, but only a small percentage are actually convicted of tax crimes.   Additionally, only a small portion of cases are even considered for criminal investigation.

IRS Criminal Tax DefenseIf you are the rare few, being charged with an IRS tax crime can wreak havoc both personally and professionally.  Once targeted, the IRS is obsessively aggressive and will not stop until you prove them wrong.  The IRS must be met with equal aggressive tax attorney representation to fight for your rights.  If not, you may be facing stiff penalties and fines or even worse, imprisonment.

A criminal investigation is generally signified by a taxpayer willfully or intentionally violating their known legal duty to file income tax returns, to file them truthfully and/or to pay the correct amount of income, employment, or excise taxes.  An investigation often times can originate from a simple civil audit that turns bad (called an “eggshell audit”).   If an auditor finds some potential criminal activity, they may expand the audit to investigate further.  To protect yourself, it is always best to hire an experienced criminal tax lawyer through an audit, start to finish.

Once your case has been selected, an IRS criminal division Special Agent will be assigned to investigate any potential tax crimes.  A Special Agent will be on a mission to obtain as much evidence as possible against you so that you will be prosecuted.  They often investigate by showing up at your house or place of business and they often obtain a search warrant to seize documents.  They can even freeze your assets leaving you in a sense paralyzed.

Even though it is rare to be selected for an IRS  investigation of a tax crime, when it does happen, it is very serious.  Hire the best criminal tax attorney you can.

The tax attorneys from Delia law can assist you with the many scenarios that constitute a Federal tax crime.  Generally, criminal tax problems fall into tax evasion and/or tax fraud.  Some of the most common scenarios include:

  • Failure to file a tax return
  • Underreporting of income
  • Employment tax evasion
  • False or fraudulent tax returns
  • Tax return preparer violations
  • Undisclosed offshore income and assets

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