New York Taxpayer Resources

Navigating the world of taxes can no doubt be confusing, especially when you’re facing IRS tax problems. To make things easier for you, our team at Delia Law have compiled a list of essential New York taxpayer resources you will need to consult during the process of resolving your particular tax matter.

These easy-to-access taxpayer resources are available to provide taxpayers with the assistance they need to remain in compliance with tax laws or to address compliance issues. Through these resources, you can learn about all of your rights and options related to taxpayer protection, tax relief, tax liability, tax returns, tax filing, disclosure, and appeals.

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Our goal is to help you to confidently tackle your specific IRS tax problem, which may include an offer to compromise for a lower amount than you owe, for example. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you to resolve your tax issue as quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively as possible today.


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