Unfiled Tax Returns

All taxpayers have an obligation to file tax returns with the IRS and the state every year. Unfiled tax returns mean that you’ll be putting yourself at risk of harsh penalties, ranging from huge fines to fees, property and licensing consequences and even criminal tax charges. They’ll get you at some point, and when they do, you’ll be classified as a non-criminal non-filer or a criminal non-filer.

  • Non-criminal non-filer – When the IRS categorizes you as a non-criminal non-filer, you’ll be contacted by an IRS tax agent and be requested to file your tax returns within 30 days of notice.
  • Criminal non-filer – If you’re categorized as a criminal non-filer, the IRS will go ahead and charge you with a criminal offense for unfiled income tax returns.

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What You Should Know

If you have unfiled tax returns, you’re not alone. Every year, around 1 million taxpayers in the U.S. have unfiled income tax returns. Maybe you’re worried that it’s too late to file your tax returns or have no idea about what you should do to resolve the situation. The good news is, our tax attorneys at Delia Law are here to offer the professional assistance you need. We help you get current with the IRS by first clarifying your situation and then helping you file your back taxes.

Get the Help You Need at Delia Law

If you’ve not been filing tax returns and want to file them before the IRS takes any adverse action, you should get the help of an experienced and knowledgeable tax attorney as soon as you can. In some unfiled tax return cases, the IRS or your state’s tax agency may also choose to file tax returns or prepare proposed assessments on your behalf. This substitute return or proposed assessment will not include deductions, exemptions, or credits that you would take for yourself, which ends up overstating your tax liability.

If the federal government has already created a substitute return for you, Delia Law will help you take the steps needed to contest and resolve the tax situation through a reconsideration. Delia Law is committed to helping you prepare your back taxes correctly and in getting your tax returns to the IRS for processing before any enforcement action is taken due to unfiled tax returns.

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We not only help you understand how to file due taxes but will also help you resolve your tax debt issues through different IRS tax relief options, including Offer in Compromise or negotiating an affordable tax payment plan. Contact Delia Law for a free tax relief consultation. You can also call us directly at our San Diego Office at (619) 639-3336. For a free tax consultation with our Los Angeles office, call (310) 494-0100.


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