IRS Currently Not Collectible

Can you no longer pay your outstanding tax liabilities?

Delia Law can help you get a well-deserved break from the unrelenting pressure of the IRS by getting you placed on IRS currently not collectible (CNC) status. This status is only achieved after the IRS evaluates your financial situation and determines that you can’t afford to pay off the tax debt at present in full, by way of an installment agreement.

What Happens When You Have IRS CNC Status?

When the IRS closes your case and determines you have currently not collectible status, the IRS suspends its collection activities immediately. However, any penalties and interest owed will continue to accrue on top of your tax debt.

If your financial situation improves with time, your tax account will be taken off the CNC status which allows the IRS to start collecting the tax debt through either full payment or an installment agreement.

How Delia Law Can Help You

If you’re currently in no position to pay your taxes, our experienced, professional, and caring tax attorneys will work with you to ensure you’re placed on IRS currently not collectible status.

But how does it work?

We thoroughly assess your financial situation to ensure you meet the qualifications for an IRS currently not collectible status. We’ll work with you to show the IRS that you are undergoing sufficient financial hardship. For instance, we may need to prove to the IRS that you have no disposable income at the end of each month in order for the IRS to close your case with a finding of currently not collectible.


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