Frequently Asked Tax Questions

You can get a free consultation by filling out a request form. You can also reach us by calling our San Diego Office at (619) 639-3336, our Los Angeles Office at (310) 494-0100, our New York Office at (646) 862-2854, or our Bethesda, Maryland Office at (410) 630-3336.

We can help if you forgot to file your taxes, have your wages garnished, had the money in your bank account seized, owe payroll taxes, all forms of tax liens and levies, or have accrued IRS interest and penalties. We handle both civil and criminal tax law cases.

Delia Law is licensed to practice in all 50 states under IRS Circular 230. Prior to focusing on individuals and small businesses, Dawn represented multinational companies in commercial litigation involving tax issues in both federal and state courts.

Instead of charging everyone the same flat hourly fee, Delia Law works with each individual client based upon the complexity of each individual case and their ability to pay. Payment plans are always available upon request.

We are open 7 days a week from 7am-7pm.


Ready for some peace-of-mind & to get started? We are here to help & would love to talk to you.

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