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IRS Tax Audits And Appeals

IRS Tax audit - los Angeles tax attorneyWhat should I do if I get an IRS tax audit notice? No one likes the idea of a tax audit. It can make a taxpayer fearful, frustrated and just plain embarrassed thinking that the IRS is questioning whether their tax return is accurate. It is a difficult time and being investigated in this manner isn’t easy. It is important to stay calm and realize, it is just that, an investigation. At the time your tax audit notice is received, you have done nothing wrong, but you just have to prove it.

Should I call the IRS tax auditor before I talk with a tax attorney?

It is never a good idea to call the auditor without adequate preparation and legal representation. They will immediately start asking a number of questions and one misstep could lead them to expand your audit into multiple years or multiple issues. You should always look into hiring a tax attorney to handle the discussions and the tax audit.

Hire a Los Angeles tax attorney for your IRS tax audit

The benefit of hiring a tax attorney is confidentiality. Attorneys are all bound by the attorney client privilege meaning they may not reveal confidences shared with them by their clients. This is called the attorney client privilege. CPA’s and enrolled agents do not afford this type of protection. These professionals may be forced to reveal your private information if taxing authorities demand it.

Other advantages in hiring a tax attorney for your tax audit include:

• ability to limit the scope of your audit to one year. Many times IRS auditors try to expand the audit as more information is revealed. If you don’t have the proper representation, you could be opening yourself up to many other issues and multiple years. • experience to know what the problem areas are and how to limit exposure to those areas resulting in less tax owed. • knowledge and ability to analyze the many complexities in the tax law. The types of skills tax attorneys possess can make a substantial difference in the amount of money you may owe or save from the outcome of your tax audit. • personal attention. Your case will always be handled by an experienced tax audit attorney who will be your primary point of contact. You will never be handed off to a less knowledgeable representative.

Resolve your tax debt after audit

After an IRS audit, there may be tax debt as a result of lack of proof to support your audited tax return. Los Angeles Tax Attorneys at Delia Law strives to obtain the best results for our clients during an audit. If this is the case, an offer in compromise is one of the best resolution options out there.  A successful offer in compromise negotiated by an experienced tax attorney can allow you to settle your tax debt for less than you owe. If it is found that you do not qualify for an offer in compromise there are other tax resolutions, such as an IRS payment plan. Contact Delia Law for a free consultation Delia Law can assist you with your tax audit and with any further resolution. For tax audit representation, you can contact a Delia Law Tax Attorney either by completing our online form or by calling (310) 494-0100. We can assist you wherever you live or you can visit a Delia Law Los Angeles tax attorney at 10880 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1101. We also serve clients in San Diego, Orange County, as well as those across California and throughout the United States. This IRS tax audit post is not intended as legal advice and should be considered general information only.

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