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The IRS utilizes several collection activities to recoup tax debts owed by taxpayers. In California, a bank levy can cause incredible damage for people who fail to pay their state and federal taxes. In a bank levy, the IRS seizes your bank account funds to cover your tax debt. Typically, the IRS will first contact your bank to notify it about your tax debt. Then your bank will freeze your account for 21 days from the time of the notice.

If you don’t take any action to resolve your tax debt during that period, the bank will send the funds you owe to the IRS. This could be your entire account balance. An IRS bank levy is considered the last line of attack by the IRS. You’ll only be subject to this extreme collection method if the IRS has contacted you numerous times without getting any response. But fear not. If you have received a bank levy notice, don’t worry. Delia Law tax attorneys are here to help.

We Help You Find the Best Tax Solution

At Delia Law, we understand that IRS tax problems can significantly affect your day-to-day life, business, and most importantly, your financial stability. If you’ve received a bank levy notice, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your overall financial situation and come up with a concrete plan to help you find the best tax solution.

We do our best to have your California bank levy released using several effective tax resolution methods to avoid the seizure of your bank account. Different options include:

  • Making an Offer in Compromise
  • Negotiating an affordable payment plan
  • Appealing the bank levy
  • Requesting an installment agreement
  • Applying for a Fresh Start Program
  • Making a case for extensive financial hardship
  • Requesting a partial payment agreement

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If you feel that an IRS bank levy is likely to create a financial crisis, or you learn that the IRS has already frozen your bank accounts, you should seek immediate legal help. If a California bank levy would cause significant financial hardship, the IRS may release the levy. Our dedicated and caring bank levy attorneys will work with you to assess your financial situation and present your case to the IRS to get the bank levy released.

At Delia Law, we always encourage potential clients to resolve their tax debts as early as they can. Don’t let the IRS drain your bank accounts. Talk to our knowledgeable tax resolution attorneys to help you find the most reliable solution to end your tax debt problems.

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