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Are you facing a complex tax situation that needs outside help? Well, maybe it’s time you hired an experienced tax attorney to help you with IRS tax relief. The truth is, you never know when the IRS will come knocking on your door or start sending those persistent collection letters to your mailbox. If you’re lucky, this might never happen to you. Unfortunately, many taxpayers fall behind on their taxes, fail to file returns, or unknowingly engage in criminal tax fraud or evasion.
In fact, the IRS estimates that up to $458 billion in taxes go unpaid across the U.S. every year. This number proves that a significant number of taxpayers are facing tax payment problems that are actually leading to delays in tax payment or even non-payment. If you’re wondering whether you need tax relief help in California, here are 3 signs you do:

You Can’t Afford to Pay Your Tax Debt

If you’re already falling behind on filing your tax returns or paying your tax debt and have no way out of resolving the situation, it’s time to seek IRS tax relief help from knowledgeable tax attorneys. If you live in California, Delia Law can help you deal with the rising tax debts that come with delayed payments, including penalties and interest that can rise significantly.
Even if you’re undergoing financial hardships that make it hard to meet your tax liabilities, what matters most is moving fast and hiring an experienced tax attorney to assess your tax debts and determine the best IRS tax relief option based on your financial situation. A tax attorney can help you request an Offer in Compromise so you can settle your debt for only a portion of what you owe the IRS.

You’ve Received an IRS Notice

If you’ve received an IRS notice, whether it’s a CP 2000 notice or other collection letter telling you that your tax amount is due, you should seek IRS tax relief help immediately. The IRS is well-known for its relentless effort when it comes to collecting what is due. When those IRS collection notices start coming, you need the expertise of a tax attorney.
Unless you’re engaging in criminal tax activities like tax evasion or fraud, you should be well-placed to find a tax resolution for your tax debt problem with the help of a tax relief attorney in California. Sometimes, you may feel that what the IRS claims you owe them is not correct, or maybe you made a mistake when filing tax returns. Trying to contact the IRS and resolve your tax issues on your own can be quite challenging.
An IRS tax relief attorney has experience working with the IRS and will be in the best position to help you when you start receiving IRS notices. They’ll use their extensive negotiation skills to fight for your rights and ensure that an effective and reasonable tax resolution is reached with the IRS representative in a communicative and assertive way.

You’re Facing a Bank Levy or a Wage Garnishment

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Many taxpayers who’ve been struggling to pay back taxes often ignore IRS collection letters. Unfortunately, if you’ve been doing this for too long, the IRS will come at you hard in the form of bank levies or wage garnishment. While this is not what the IRS stands for, it’s the last result when it comes to collecting unpaid taxes. If you’re facing bank levy or wage garnishment notices from the IRS, it’s time you hired a seasoned attorney for IRS tax relief help.
When you receive a bank levy notice, you only have 21 days to prevent it from going ahead. For wage garnishment, you have 30 days after getting a demand for payment notice. There are specific guidelines that guide each of these IRS collection activities. Considering the complexity of trying to resolve tax problems at this level, finding a professional tax attorney to negotiate a payment plan or non-collectible status with the IRS on your behalf is highly recommended.

Get the Tax Relief Help You Need Today

If you’re struggling to meet your tax liabilities, facing potential bank levy and wage garnishment risks, getting IRS collection notices, or are involved in a possible criminal tax probe, feel free to consult our knowledgeable tax attorneys at Delia Law for reliable and dependable IRS tax relief help. Call us for a no-cost consultation at (619) 639-3336.

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