Tag: IRS Tax audit

Tag: IRS Tax audit

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Top 5 Tax Return Mistakes: Avoid an IRS Red Flag!

Top 5 Tax Return Mistakes – avoid an IRS RED FLAG! Tax time is here and tax preparation software has never been so popular.  It is certainly a way of preventing tax return mistakes.   However, do not get lulled into a false sense of security.  One data error could end up costing you a lot


What Can Trigger an IRS Audit?

What can Trigger an IRS Tax audit? With the year coming to a close, many are starting to think about the upcoming tax season. Some just think about a fat refund coming their way, but others strategize and worry about how to avoid triggering an IRS audit. In actuality, a very small number of tax

IRS Tax audit Examination process

IRS Tax Audit

IRS Tax Audits And Appeals What should I do if I get an IRS tax audit notice? No one likes the idea of a tax audit. It can make a taxpayer fearful, frustrated and just plain embarrassed thinking that the IRS is questioning whether their tax return is accurate. It is a difficult time and


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