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Tax Fraud – What is tax fraud which the IRS pursues?

Tax Fraud – What are the Types of Tax Fraud the IRS Pursues? The IRS takes tax fraud very seriously.  If the IRS finds fraudulent activity, generally through an audit, it can mean stiff penalties and even jail time. Receiving a notice that the IRS is conducting a criminal tax investigation is not something anyone

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Criminal Tax Evasion – Can I go to jail? Call Delia Tax Attorneys (619) 639-3336

[column width=”1/1″ last=”true” title=”” title_type=”single” animation=”none” implicit=”true”] Criminal Tax Evasion–Can I Go to Jail for not Filing or Paying my Taxes? It is shocking how many taxpayers do not file, pay their taxes or simply file false returns whether intentional or not.  Sometimes these violations are quite innocent where a taxpayer simply forgets to file


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