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The financial and legal consequences of escalating tax problems, from wage garnishment to tax evasion charges, can be overwhelming. Fortunately, with the help of a tax lawyer at Delia Law in San Diego, you don’t have to navigate your tax issues alone.

We are ready to help you address your case and put it to rest once and for all, as quickly as possible.

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How We Can Help

At Delia Law, we can assist you in dealing with any tax liabilities that the IRS has notified you about. Here are some of the key solutions that a tax lawyer in San Diego can offer to help you to effectively and quickly accomplish your goals.

  • Bank levy assistance
  • Help with wage garnishment
  • Removal of IRS penalties/interest
  • Tax relief for innocent spouses
  • Payment plan with the IRS
  • “Currently not collectible” assistance
  • Offer in compromise help

We can go over these and other potential solutions during a FREE consultation. Our dependable tax attorneys can examine your case and determine your eligibility for tax relief.

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When your financial stability is at risk, you can’t afford to take your matter lightly. Delia Law has the licensing required to represent clients in cases related to taxes in every US state, so we can help you no matter where you reside. We pride ourselves on providing prompt, caring, and professional tax service.

Get in touch with us by phone at (619) 639-3336, for a free consultation with only a tax attorney.