IRS Resolution & Tax Resolution Help in Bethesda, Maryland

Has the IRS or the Comptroller of Maryland recently issued a notice and demand for payment to you for unpaid tax debts? Facing this kind of situation can be incredibly stressful. If you are unable to pay your tax debts due to financial hardship or other issues, the compounded effects of the penalties these agencies can inflict can make your financial situation even worse. Many people become anxious in this situation and are even afraid to look for help. Luckily, there is an IRS resolution and tax resolution help for taxpayers who need compassionate assistance resolving their tax liability issues.

A Baltimore, Maryland tax attorney can be an incredible ally when you need IRS resolution and tax resolution help. While you may face significant penalties from the IRS and/or the Comptroller of Maryland, the reality is there are several potential options to avoid these penalties and resolve your tax issue in a way that minimally disrupts your life. Unfortunately, federal and state tax laws are extraordinarily complex, and navigating these options can be incredibly difficult. 

Potential Risks of Unpaid Federal and State Taxes

When you owe unpaid taxes to the IRS or the Comptroller of Maryland, these agencies typically uphold the goal of securing as much as possible as quickly as possible to satisfy your debt without completely uprooting your everyday life. However, the methods they typically employ to pursue tax debt repayment can be severe. Steep penalties are difficult to avoid without legal assistance. Some of the ways the IRS or the Comptroller of Maryland might pursue repayment include:

  • Issuing a “Failure to File” notice. If you neglected to file your taxes for one or more years, some of the typical resolution options for unpaid tax debt, such as an Installment Agreement or Offer in Compromise, may be unavailable to you until you file back taxes. If you cannot pay the balance due, a tax attorney can help you explore alternative repayment options.

  • Filing liens or levies against your assets and property. Never ignore a notice from the IRS or the Comptroller of Maryland. Doing so could lead to these agencies applying liens against your property or even attempting to seize your property and assets to satisfy your tax debt. When you hire a reputable tax attorney for IRS resolution and tax resolution, you may be able to prove that you intend to pay and initiate the appropriate proceedings to avoid these outcomes.

  • Garnishing wages. Your paychecks may not be safe if the IRS or the Comptroller of Maryland is after you for unpaid tax debt. These agencies may initiate wage garnishment, which means they will take chunks of every paycheck you receive until you have repaid your tax debt. One of the most common reasons taxpayers seek IRS resolution and tax resolution help is to avoid wage garnishment and seek alternative repayment options.

  • An audit is a very extensive review of your finances and tax payment history. This process is lengthy, invasive, and very stressful. A tax attorney is an incredible asset if you are facing an audit.

These are only a few potential outcomes when you face tax collection efforts at the state and/or federal levels. Luckily, IRS resolution and tax resolution help in Baltimore, Maryland is available from Delia Law. With our help, you can resolve your tax issues as quickly and painlessly as possible, all while avoiding the potentially severe civil and criminal penalties that might result from unpaid taxes.

Why Hiring a Tax Attorney Is a Good Idea

IRS resolution and tax resolution help from an experienced tax attorney can be invaluable when you face the penalties both the IRS and Comptroller of Maryland are capable of inflicting. While most taxpayers dread facing down the IRS for an unpaid tax issue, the reality is that the Comptroller of Maryland has even more expansive powers when it comes to pursuing unpaid tax debts.

The Comptroller of Maryland has the authority to prevent the renewal of your professional license or business license, effectively preventing you from working legally and earning a living. In this situation, continuing to use halted licenses can result in substantial criminal penalties. You may also be unable to renew your driver’s license, and driving with an expired license in Maryland can lead to criminal penalties as well. Regardless of the reason you are dealing with such a financial dilemma, the situation could get worse. You will also face substantial civil liability for your unpaid tax debts.

Find IRS Resolution and Tax Resolution Help

When you need help with a tax issue at the federal or state level, an experienced tax attorney can be your best chance at avoiding these challenging outcomes and satisfying your unpaid tax debt as quickly and painlessly as possible. Your tax attorney can help you explore the options available to you. Some of which include filing for an Installment Agreement that stretches your repayment over a longer period of time, or an Offer of Compromise that may help you satisfy your tax debt while paying back less than you actually owe.

The sooner you connect with an experienced Baltimore tax attorney to start exploring your options, the sooner you can get out from under your unpaid tax burden and get your life back to normal. Don’t neglect your tax burden because it seems insurmountable. We have helped people across the Baltimore area find a resolution to their tax issues. We can help you, too. Your attorney can thoroughly review your tax history and current financial status to determine which resolution options are available to you.

No one’s financial situation is exactly the same. However, an experienced tax attorney will have the insight to know what your next steps should be. Attorney Dawn Delia and her team have extensive experience providing IRS resolution and tax resolution help in Baltimore, Maryland. Our team knows how to accurately determine your best available remedies to your current tax issues. Contact Delia Law today to schedule a consultation for IRS resolution and tax resolution help in Baltimore, Maryland.

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