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IRS Criminal Tax Defense

Tax Fraud – What is tax fraud which the IRS pursues?

Tax Fraud – What are the Types of Tax Fraud the IRS Pursues? The IRS takes tax fraud very seriously.  If the IRS finds fraudulent activity, generally through an audit, it can mean stiff penalties and even jail time. Receiving a notice that the IRS is conducting a criminal tax investigation is not something anyone


IRS Tax Audit

IRS Tax Audits And Appeals What should I do if I get an IRS tax audit notice? No one likes the idea of a tax audit. It can make a taxpayer fearful, frustrated and just plain embarrassed thinking that the IRS is questioning whether their tax return is accurate. It is a difficult time and

IRS Tax audit Examination process

IRS Tax Audit notice – What to do when you get an IRS TAX audit notice

IRS Audits: What to do when you receive an IRS tax audit notice No one likes to receive an IRS tax audit notice. It strikes fear in the heart of just about every taxpayer.  You ask yourself, “what do I do now?” First, do not panic.   IRS Audit Process It is important to understand


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