Payroll Taxes – What can the IRS do if I miss paying payroll taxes? As an employer, it is your responsibility to collect, report, and to pay employment taxes.  If you do not, your tax case generally gets quickly assigned to an IRS revenue officer to collect any delinquent payroll taxes.  Yes, that means trouble. …

IRS Tax resolution vs Bankruptcy?  Which one is better. This is a common question.  Should I hire a tax attorney to resolve my IRS tax debts, or should I find a bankruptcy attorney to file for bankruptcy?  It is best to talk to both to get their opinions and do some research on your own….

San Diego Tax Attorney IRS form 941

Late on Payroll taxes? Discover an underpayment error? What to do to correct it without paying for it. It is sometimes difficult for employers to keep track of and follow the complex rules of supplemental wages, deferred compensation plans, and other compensation arrangements.  Not surprisingly, errors come about in determining an employee’s taxable wages and…