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What Can a Tax Attorney Do?

When you are experiencing IRS tax problems, the one professional you should turn to is a tax attorneyDon’t bother with CPA’s, EA’s (enrolled agents) or tax relief firms as they most of the time make your IRS problems worse.  Tax attorneys are well-versed in tax law and know what to do to effectively resolve any legal tax issue.
what can a tax lawyer do - san diegoHiring a tax attorney can be indispensable to your case, but many taxpayers want the low-down of what exactly they can do.

Attorney client confidentiality is what a tax attorney can do.

This is a huge bonus and one aspect that many taxpayers feel is extremely important…  CONFIDENTIALITY.  All attorneys are bound by the attorney client privilege and attorney client confidentiality.  This means that all communication between you and your tax attorney is to be kept secret.
An attorney cannot be forced to disclose what they know, except in certain rare circumstances (i.e., you are about to commit a murder). Therefore, you can feel free to discuss all the details you want and reveal potential incriminating information without the fear that it can be held against you.

Experience and vast knowledge of tax law is what a tax attorney can do.

Tax attorneys are lawyers who have specific knowledge with regard to tax law.  Tax law encompasses the IRS code (statutes), treasury regulations, revenue rulings, tax treaties, tax case law, tax opinion letters and private letter rulings.   Not all can be relied upon as precedent though.  A tax attorney can use all this vast knowledge to handle complex legal issues associated with your tax problem.
Of course, you can represent yourself before the IRS, but it’s not a good idea.  Tax law is one of the most challenging and complex areas of the law. The Internal Revenue Code is rarely clear about anything and is constantly changing.  A tax attorney can keep you updated on all the changes and guide you through the ambiguity, coming up with the best solutions to solve your IRS problems.
A tax attorney has extensive legal knowledge to assist or resolve the following tax and business-related tax issues:

  • tax audit representation
  • payment plan negotiation
  • offer in compromise (settlement) of your tax debt for less than you owe
  • wage garnishment, bank levy and tax lien release
  • foreign reporting of income
  • tax strategy to maximize your deductions and lower your income
  • tax fraud and tax evasion
  • identity theft
  • business entity selection and set-up
  • U.S. Tax Court representation (litigation)
  • estate planning tax strategies
  • drafting tax opinion letters
  • other issues pertaining to analysis of the IRS code, for example, how are Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies taxed?
  • all other tax resolution options/strategies with regard to the IRS

Extensive IRS experience

Dealing with the IRS can be extremely taxing and complicated. Many of the departments don’t even talk to one another leaving a taxpayer pretty lost at times and extremely frustrated.  A tax lawyer can help take you out of the game and maneuver quickly and efficiently to get you the most efficient and advantageous results.
Also, a tax attorney will know how to approach each IRS representative, tax auditor, offer in compromise officer, revenue agent or revenue officer.  IRS personality types can be pretty tricky.  It is super important to know how to handle each one successfully.  It can make all the difference in obtaining a positive result.

Expert negotiation skills

With a tax attorney, you can expect advanced negotiating skills.  Having this special skill set is invaluable as attorneys are trained to be master negotiators from the time they are in law school.  For example, it can mean the difference between obtaining a low or high settlement offer when applying for an offer in compromise. This negotiation expertise provides a lot of assurance so that you will get the best deal possible.

Highly efficient and hard working

A tax lawyer can do in a month what a tax relief company may do in a year or even more.   And, it will probably cost you less with an attorney in the long run.  Not only does a tax attorney know what needs to be done, but also when and how the problem can be resolved fast.
Unfortunately, the goal of a tax relief company is to keep putting off the taxpayer by doing as little as possible, so that they can bill for a longer period of time.  Also, with a tax relief company, you rarely talk to an attorney, if they even have one on staff.  They generally lie about one being on staff to get you to commit to their contract.  So, watch out!
Taxpayers needing assistance in dealing with IRS tax problems should seek the advice of a knowledgeable tax attorney.  The San Diego Tax Attorneys at Delia Law have many years of tax resolution experience and will competently represent you before the IRS.  Please call for a no-cost tax attorney consultation for tax resolution at (619) 639-3336. We look forward to helping you.
This blog post is not intended as legal advice and should be considered general information only addressing what a tax attorney can do for you!
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