IRS Tax Debt in San Diego

& Finding an IRS Federal Tax Debt Lawyer

When an individual, family, or business fails to pay their taxes on time, they accrue tax debt. As these taxes remain unpaid, the IRS adds penalties and interest payments that increase the amount owed. Tax debt can easily get out of control if not promptly addressed.

Filing one’s taxes on time is not a guaranteed way to avoid tax debt. If a taxpayer leaves any part of their taxes unpaid by the due date, the IRS will begin collection efforts right away. If you live in San Diego, California and are experiencing IRS tax debt, you should understand a few key things about the situation.


IRS Tax Debt Collection with a federal tax attorney in San Diego

When the IRS identifies tax debt, they send the taxpayer a determination of their tax liability. This is a statement of how much you owe and how you can submit your payment.

Unfortunately, the IRS does not take any tax credits into account, so the amount that they declare that you owe may not be accurate. In order to take advantage of tax credit programs with tax debt, you need to contact an IRS tax attorney.

If the IRS does not receive payment after initial notifications, it will move to seize assets and property. This usually begins with wage garnishments, financial account levies, tax liens, etc. If the amount is over $51,000 and the IRS has attempted to use a tax lien or levy to recover the money, the agency will limit your passport privileges. This means you will face an inability to renew your passport and will not be permitted to travel out of the country until the tax debt is resolved.

Remember, the IRS will only contact you initially via mail. Therefore, do not trust any phone calls or emails you receive about your tax debt.

How to Resolve IRS Tax Debt

There are ways to resolve your IRS tax debt and avoid additional fees and punishments for federal taxpayers in San Diego. The simplest way is to pay your tax debt in a lump sum. However, this is not financially possible in all situations.

A repayment plan may be appropriate in situations where paying a lump sum is not possible. You can negotiate the terms of your repayment plan with the IRS, which helps you to avoid further harassment or action. However, you may still be responsible for interest and penalty payments while you have an outstanding balance.

As a last resort, you may be able to resolve your tax debt by filing for bankruptcy. Though this route may help to resolve your tax debt issue with the IRS, it creates a host of other issues and penalties. Your credit score will suffer, and you can lose major assets like your home, car, and personal items.

Avoid Tax Debt Relief Companies

Tax debt relief companies claim to help individuals with tax debt but end up costing them more. These companies have high employee turnarounds and frequently go out of business, making them extremely difficult to work with. In addition, they will levy hidden charges and fees that can cost more than your tax debt. The aim of these organizations is to take money from taxpayers without providing a real service.

If you are considering one of these companies, opt to work with a tax law firm instead.

Delia Law Can Help With IRS Tax Debt in San Diego

Our team at Delia Law is here to help you with your IRS tax debt issues. With many years of experience in federal tax law, we have a thorough understanding of how to navigate tax debt. We offer our clients reliable, trustworthy legal services for all IRS tax issues, complete with the client-lawyer privilege to keep any confidential information away from the IRS.

Why You Should Always Consider Hiring a Tax Lawyer

IRS Tax debt can cause serious problems for you and your family. However, when you work with an IRS tax attorney, you have an advocate who understands the system and who can work to help you through this financial obstacle. Whether you need help communicating with the IRS or filling out applications and documents, a tax attorney provides key services that can minimize the damage that your tax debt creates.

Many people do not receive the tax help they need because they complete paperwork incorrectly, miss deadlines, or make mistakes. When you have a federal tax attorney, you avoid key errors that can create further issues with the IRS.

For more information, contact Delia Law today.

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