Tax Software vs. Accountants: Pros & Cons for Complex Tax Issues

For some people, tax season is a breeze. They have a simple filing status, no complicated loans, and a single source of income. For these people, basic tax software is all they need to make sure their returns are filed accurately. Others have more complex tax issues that encompass multi-level business partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, or multi-state returns. If you’re wondering about the pros and cons of tax software vs. an accountant, Delia Law can help you decide which is best for your needs.

Pros of Tax Software

old accounting software
If you’re confident that your tax return is going to be very simple, then tax software (vs. an accountant) is the right choice for you. Some of the benefits of various tax softwares include:

  • Saving you money
  • Offering you an in-depth look at your finances
  • Allowing you to learn on your own
  • Helping you access all tax code updates
  • Working on your taxes anywhere you have a computer

Some tax softwares even offer maximum refund guarantees, and make filling out your details simple by importing your data from other sources like QuickBooks. The most important part of these tax softwares is that they offer an auto audit that points out any red flags on your return. Be aware: these red flags are not meant to catch input errors; they are parts of your return that the IRS may find suspicious.

Cons of Tax Software

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There are several downsides to choosing a tax software vs. an accountant — especially if you have complex tax issues you aren’t sure you completely understand. Some of the cons of doing your own taxes include:

  • Finding time to fill everything out
  • Help and FAQ for these softwares isn’t always sufficient
  • These softwares don’t catch input errors
  • Some softwares charge separately for each return
  • You need a computer and internet connection

Doing your own taxes means that you are fully accountable for the quality of your return. If there are any mistakes or red flags, you have no line of defense to protect you from the IRS.

Pros of an Accountant

Many business owners or high net worth individuals know immediately when they need the help of professionals, but if you have a budding business and the numbers are getting too big to handle on your own, it could be time to turn to the experts. The team at Delia Law can offer you many things like:

  • Expert advice on new tax laws and codes
  • Applying deductions and credits you might not know about
  • Acting as your first line of defense in an audit
  • Helping with business and personal planning throughout the year

A professional accountant can save you a lot of time by taking this burden off your hands. You can also reach out to them if you’re being audited, need help sorting through unfiled returns, or require tax relief assistance. Discover the benefits of choosing an accountant vs. tax software.

Cons of an Accountant

a mountain of income tax paperwork
Pretty much the only downside of using an accountant vs. tax software for your return is the cost. A trusted, experienced accountant may end up charging you quite a bit more than the basic TurboTax package, but they also offer a more comprehensive, personalized experience.
Work with a company like Delia Law today for more knowledge and advice navigating legal matters around your complex tax issues. Our entire team is on your side!

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