Art M.

“I would Totally recommend Delia Law for all your IRS Tax Issues. I came to her back in October of 2017 and contracted her and her Firm for my tax issues. IRS finalized paperwork finally came thru and was accepted June 2018. Dawn Is very understanding, Thoughtful very Trustworthy and very Professional in Her Profession. From start to finish she was always in contact and in touch with me explaining the next steps and processes of everything going on with my case Very thorough in all the paperwork and communication with me and the IRS People. She explained what Options were available to me and my case and advised what the best directions to go, on her advise and suggestion we agreed to go with a Offer In Compromise and this OIC was Fully accepted and Final This June of 2018. Time wise was just as she explained and mentioned it would be give or take. After talking to other lawyers and Law Firms before Dawn i could not get any straight answers to my Tax Questions.

Then after calling and getting in touch with Dawn and asking all the same questions, she was very Patient and Professional in answering all my Tax questions i had asked everyone else. What pushed me to contracting Dawn Delia Fully was her Honesty and her Expert Advice on my Case and Situation and what she would try to get done and once again to her work and her word, everything she explained from start to finish was Done to the T.

I Owed the IRS From Years Past over $55,000 and with the OIC Settled out with a Offer of $500


Top notch Lawyer and Service”

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