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Know These Top 3 Tips for Acceptance of your IRS Offer in Compromise

Getting an acceptance of your IRS offer in compromise can be quite challenging.  With careful planning and proper preparation however, you can greatly increase your chances of acceptance of your IRS tax settlement. It is best to hire a tax attorney to get the job done.  Only an experienced tax attorney, knowledgeable of the tax

IRS Statute of Limitations for Unpaid Tax Debt

IRS Statute of Limitations on IRS Collections

Thinking you will owe the IRS forever?  Many calls pour in to tax attorneys from taxpayers wondering whether the IRS “statute of limitations” will expire on an old IRS tax debt.  For the most part, the IRS has limitations on how many years it has to collect. IRS tax debt assessment The IRS generally has

IRS currently not collectible status

Can’t pay your IRS tax debt? Currently Not Collectible Status May Be an Option

Can’t pay your IRS tax debt? Currently Not Collectible Status May Be an Option Are you falling behind on filing tax returns, paying taxes, or both? The IRS may give you a break if you are found to be experiencing extreme financial hardship.  They may place certain delinquent tax cases in a “currently-not-collectible” (“CNC”) status,

best San Diego tax attorney Offer in compromise

Offer In Compromise Tactics│ Best Tax Attorney in San Diego for IRS Tax Settlement

[column width=”1/1″ last=”true” title=”” title_type=”single” animation=”none” implicit=”true”] Best San Diego Tax Attorney Offer in Compromise Tempted to finally look into settling your tax debt? It can work and now is a good time to take advantage of the IRS offer in compromise program. An offer in compromise acceptance by the IRS, however, is not automatic.


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